What is the purpose of the program?

The purpose of the Gadsden Technical College Adult Education and General Educational Development (GED) Program is to enable adults to acquire basic skills necessary to attain (1) basic and functional literacy, (2) a high school education, or (3) an education that will enable them to become more employable, productive, and responsible citizens. Workforce literacy programs are intended to support economic development by increasing adult literacy and producing an educated workforce. These programs support the economic development of the state by ensuring that adults who lack basic reading and writing skills are prepared to work in today's workplace.

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Who is eligible to receive adult education services?

The Gadsden Technical College Adult Education and GED Program provides educational opportunities for adults, regardless of whether they possess a high school diploma or equivalency diploma, if their performance on standard assessments indicates that they lack the basic skills necessary to function effectively in everyday situations, to enter the job market, or to enter certificate career education instruction.

A variety of individuals participate in the adult education programs including high school students, disadvantaged and disabled adults, incarcerated adults and juvenile offenders, and non-English speakers.

What programs are provided through the Adult Education and GED Program and by whom?

Adult Basic Education improves students; employability through instruction in mathematics, reading, language, and workforce readiness skills at a grade level equivalency below the ninth grade level.

  • General Educational Development (GED) Program provides courses of instruction preparing students to successfully complete the five General Educational Development subject area tests (mathematics parts I-II, language arts writing, science, language arts reading, and social studies) leading to qualification for a Florida high school diploma. GED coursework is at the high school grade level, while pre-GED is applicable for students functioning at the 6.0-8.9 grade levels.
  • Workplace Readiness Skills Training for Limited English Proficient Students provides basic skills necessary to function in entry-level occupations or to receive training for technological advances in the workplace.

How many adult education students complete their programs?

Upon entering Gadsden Technical College's adult education programs, students are assessed and placed in the course level to match their ability. The programs are structured so that students complete one skill level before progressing on to the next higher level. For example, a student may be placed in an Adult Basic Education program at a skills level of beginning basic education, then sequentially progress to intermediate low and intermediate high.

2014 New GED Testing Information

Note: All GED® Testing is on a computer and registration is handled online by the company producing the GED®, not by Gadsden Technical Institute, even if you register to take the test at our official GED® Testing Center.

Registering for the GED®

Register at myged.com with a credit or debit card.

Cost is $128 for the full test or $32 for each of the four sections.

GED® test sections and times

Reasoning Through Language Arts - 150 min (10 min break)

Mathematical Reasoning - 115 minutes

Science - 90 minutes

Social Studies - 90 minutes

At least 145 points are required on each part to pass.

Additional GED® test information

Students may take the test one part at a time if they choose.

There is no residency requirement.

Test takers must be comfortable using the computer and be able to type an essay.

The test can be taken three times in one year without any waiting period between tests. After the third time the test taker must wait at least 60 days to reschedule the test.

Please bring a driver's license, state ID or other comparable government issued ID to the front office before testing begins.

Testing is available every week. Check online for available dates.

Unofficial scores will be ready for students within two to three hours after finishing the test.

Qualified candidates can get accommodations for extra time, breaks, etc., if approved.

Accommodations approval takes up to four weeks. Registration will be stopped while approval is verified.

Underage Testers

The Adult Education Program offers classes to Underage Testers, individuals who are 16 or 17 years of age who have officially withdrawn from public, private, or home school.

Recommendation and Approval for GED Testing

In order to receive a recommendation to take the GED® Test, 16 and 17 year old students must:

1. Attend class(es) for the required minimum number of hours to be post-tested and take at least one post-test.

2. Score at least a 9.0 grade equivalent on the D or A level TABE assessment in Reading, Math, and Language.

(Once steps 1 and 2 are completed, the program is able to administer a GED® practice test.)

3. Take the GED Ready™ and achieve the set scores. The student will schedule a time to create a profile at GED.com. Then, he/she must take the GED Ready™ practice test and score at least a 150 on two of the four subtests.

4. Agree to maintain enrollment in the adult education program through the successful completion of GED® Testing.

For complete information for Underage enrollment and testing requirements, please call the Adult Education Office, 850-875-8324 or email flowerst@gcpsmail.com.

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