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Guidance and Student Support Services

Students support service activities are major components in the success path of each student.  Gadsden Technical Institute provides wrap-around services to all participants enrolled in the school.  Investing in long-term programs and services that lead to high skills, high wage jobs culminates from adequate counseling, education and other provided support services.  GTI also assists adult students with family responsibilities to enable them to acquire the basic, life, and technical skills needed to enter occupations that lead to self-sufficiency.

Gadsden Technical Institute offers the following guidance and support services as part of a six-step in-take/enrollment process:

  1. Testing and Assessment:  The TABE test is administered to each applicant. GTI begins the training process wherever an applicant enters the process:  VPI (Vocational Preparatory Instruction, GED preparation, etc.  Training is tailored to student needs.
  2. Support Services:  Eligible applicants receive childcare, transportation, and emergency assistance so that they can focus on their education.
  3. Career Counseling:  Participants meet initially with the Job Coach and then with other members in their occupational track to assess their career goals.  Subsequent meetings occur on a regular basis throughout their program of study.
  4. Tailored Training:   Training is based on stated goals and is developed with self-sufficiency in the workforce as a primary focus.  Successful students leave completed programs with job and employment skills mastered and process to various levels of employment.  No participant enters a training program or employment path that does not lead to business and industry-driven job needs.    
  5. Institution-based Commitment:  Participants earn additional skills by giving back to the community either in terms of on-the-job training, peer training/tutoring or volunteerism.
  6. Long-term Training and Post-Employment Support:  Job placement opportunities are available and are in place for students who are nearing the completion point in their program of study.  This linkage will provide much needed interaction with business, industry and the community.

The six-step process helps to ensure the success of serious minded students whose goal is to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families.  These steps are goal-oriented and success driven.

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