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Dr. Sylvia R. Jackson 850-875-8324
Director Email Dr. Sylvia Jackson
Mrs. Evonski Bulger 850-875-8324
School Administrator/GED Chief Examiner Email Mrs. Evonski Bulger
Mrs. Angela Sapp 850-875-8324  Extn: 5119
CTE Coordinator Email Mrs. Angela Sapp
Mrs. Linda Barnes 850-875-8324  Extn: 5116
Pharmacy Technician Email Mrs. Linda Barnes
Mr. Richard Burns 850-875-8324  Extn: 5107
Drifting and Design Email Mr. Richard Burns
Mr. Jeffery Christopher 850-875-8324  Extn: 5120
Automotive Service Technology Instructor Email Mr. Jeffery Christopher
Mr. Michael Clark 850-875-8324  Extn: 5125
Welding Technology Instructor Email Mr. Michael Clark
Mrs. Doris Drake 850-875-8324  Extn: 5111
Practical Nursing Instructor Email Mrs. Doris Drake
Mr. Don Gibson 850-875-8324  Extn: 5123
Barbering/Cosmetology Instructor Email Mr. Don Gibson
Ms. Ga`Mocha Jones 850-875-8324  Extn: 5115
Adult Education Email Ms. Ga`Mocha Jones
Mrs. Cynthia Kimbrell-Lewis 850-875-8324  Extn: 5118
Nail Specialist Instructor Email Mrs. Cynthia Kimbrell-Lewis
Ms. Emma Lee 850-875-8324  Extn: 5128
Practical Nursing Instructor Email Ms. Emma Lee
Mr. David McPhaul 850-875-8324  Extn: 5113
Power Equipment Technologies Instructor Email Mr. David McPhaul
Mr. Alfred Suber 850-875-8324  Extn: 5121
Carpentry Instructor Email Mr. Alfred  Suber
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